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Cotton Coasters

Cotton Coasters
$ 24.00

Beautiful geometric designs & neutral tones make these coasters perfect for any home. Each set of 6 includes 2 each of 3 unique designs, made from hand-spun natural cotton yarn, handwoven in a traditional wooden loom and cut by hand (no two pieces will look quite alike!), preserving a 500-year old tradition in South India.


  • 100% hand-loomed cotton
  • 3 unique designs
  • 4" square


One of the best defenses against issues like human trafficking, exploitation, and childhood marriage is education. Bloom & Give’s mission is to ensure that girls in developing areas of India are able to get the education they deserve. By employing women in rural communities with well-paying jobs, mothers are able to send their children to school and provide for their families. In addition, they give a large portion of their profits to girls’ education programs to ensure that all young girls have the opportunity to learn and build their communities. By using traditional crafting methods alive for many of their products, cultures are preserved and women are able to pass on their skills to others in their communities.

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